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Monday, July 14, 2014

What We Should Teach our Children During Calamities

It's Tuesday morning, classes are suspended due to entry of public storm named GlendaPh in the Philippine area of responsibility. I still can't see the signs of a storm here in Laguna but in hours, GlendaPh is expected to pass through. I just want to believe that it's just like a normal storm with rain and tolerable wind and not another YolandaPh like. It's really hard to forget scenes from Tacloban and other areas of Visayas after Yolanda hit them. Dead bodies, washed-out houses and wounded people were some of the scenes that resulted severe trauma to people involved and even those who are watching the footage in television. My 5-year-old daughter cries every time she sees news about Yolanda so I had to stop her from watching the news for a while to prevent her from having trauma.
Now that it's season for disasters and calamities, there are several things that we have to prepare and remember. We have nothing to lose in following the pre-cautions advised by the government and TV programs such us IM ready by GMA 7. They all provide useful and important information that we sometimes neglect to do. 

What we Should Teach Our Children before and during Calamities
Before the disaster, we have to be emotionally and physically  prepared. It's important to explain to our kids the danger of disasters could bring to them, but give emphasis to positive things like preparedness and readiness can help them pass through all these. As a mom, I always teach my kids about the safety measures during disasters like fire,flood, earthquake and typhoons. I used to teach them simple instructions like: 

  • Before trying to escape from a fire, they should grab a thick blanket and soak it to water then cover their entire body before passing through the fire. 
  • For earthquake safety measures, whether their at school or at home, I taught them to simply cover themselves  under the table. 
  • For unexpected flood, I taught them all the things to grab to be able to float like: woods, Styrofoam , plastic bottles and other plastic materials.

These simple information could help them realize the importance of being alert all the time, I'm sure they wouldn't forget it wherever they go. My kids are too young for this, and I don't really wish them to experience worse calamities like what we saw on TV, but I believe that we are responsible to teach them because we couldn't be there for them all the time.

When storm signal in our area raised to number 2,  I used to pack the following:

  • 3 sets of clothes for each family member
  • at least 2 blankets
  • rice
  • canned goods and noodles
  • lighter
  • flashlight
  • money
  • water
  • first aid kit

I also keep important documents and communication gadgets in to a sealed plastic or case to prevent them from getting wet when things become worst. I have never experienced flood in my area nor killer typhoon like Yolanda, but still we can never tell what this unpredictable world has reserved for us. It's best to be prepared all the time than to end up nothing but hopeless.

I am sharing this not to teach, and I'm not saying that these are the right things to do. I know all of you also have your own strategies and pre-cautions. I just want to share this in case you forget something and so you can pick some tips here which you find helpful and essential. Nothing and no one can control natural Disasters, only our Creator. Lastly, our best weapon against killer disasters is PRAYER, don't forget to ask help from above for He has the power to make everything fine according to His will.

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