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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Story of a Poor Blogger named Claire

Her name is Claire, a 17year old girl who has been struggling in life ever since she was a kid. Her mother passed away before she reached her teen-hood. Claire is a very shy and private person, she doesn't talk much, she only speaks when she was asked. Although Claire  is very quiet, she's still having friends who truly understand her and know what's inside her, Claire is a very likeable person, quiet but has a big heart. Like any other ordinary teens, she dreamed to have a  college degree one day. She worked after high school to earn enough amount for her tuition fee in a semester. She asked her father about her plans, but never got a support from him. His father wants her to help with house hold expenses, and because Claire is a good daughter, she set aside her dreams. Claire continued working at her early age until she became a regular employee and entitled to more benefits. This girl did not stop aspiring, she kept on reaching her dreams. She enrolled in a correspondence school where she can study while working. Her budget fitted to only one short course, basic writing. Since Claire love writing stories, she grabbed the opportunity to improve her knowledge in this field so she enrolled in a year course of basic and effective writing. After months of studying, she acquired knowledge in English writing and after she finished the course, she's became  comfortable with the idea of having a knowledge and a certificate.

Ten years after, Claire got married. She married this simple but like her...poor guy. They loved each other despite of lacking in financial and had three children. The struggling continued with Claire's life and now, with her own family. She stopped working to take care of the children while her husband does an ordinary work in a small company. Claire is very blessed in having her husband. She's been comforting herself whenever loneliness strikes her that God extends blessings in different ways, some receive material things while she receives her good husband and wonderful kids. There have been times that she had no food to offer to her family, that she had to ask other people to owe her money to buy some foods, but Claire never stopped on believing that one day, she'll eat good food and she can give her children anything they want.

Claire used to borrow a computer from her sister, and because it has internet connection, she could browse anything online. That was 2008 when she learned about blogging. From reading different sites where she learned everything about blogging, she had an idea that she could use her knowledge in writing to start her own blog and earn money from it. Every night while her sister is at work, she would ask her if she can use the PC and she always been allowed to do so. She started building her own blog from a free host site. And because she loves writing, from scratch, she eventually builds a blog and gained  regular readers. She's been very patient, 5 years have passed, she earned only 15USD from her blog advertiser. That was the very first. She kept on learning from reading articles about making money blogging while writing more posts to feed her readers. Another year has passed and her blog gained likes from Facebook, twitter and Instagram. She started earning a decent amount from her blog advertisers. She joined different blog contests and won prizes from some of them. Claire slowly sees what she's been working hard for years, her blog built it's credibility, now it all pays off.

Now Claire has built a solid foundation of her career as a blogger. She is now one of the top blogger moms in blogging industry. Despite of being in her current position, Claire kept her feet on the ground, she's been helping bloggers like me to push on our dreams. She kept on telling us that poverty is not a problem but a challenge. Upon her request of not telling her identity, I could not tell anything more about her. But Claire is my inspiration in everything I write. When I see things get rough in my blogging career, I always remember what Claire had gone through before she reached her success in her career.

I am writing this blog because I want this to become an inspiration to those who are struggling in life, bloggers or not! Life is full of surprises, we just have to wait patiently and never stop trying to pursue your dreams. To the bloggers community, let's all take Claire as our role model and inspiration and I hope one day, you'll also have the privilege to meet her face to face or better yet, one of us would be like her in the future. Like what any other bloggers say..."blogging is not an overnight task, it has to be done with patience, time and love.

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