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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

List of Home School Programs Here and Abroad

Hello moms! Are you one of those moms who consider home schooling as an option? Well, this article is for you!

Home schooling is an in-formal, non-traditional way of education where parent or guardian is responsible for teaching the student enrolled in a Home School program. Home schooling can be online or printed which is sent through courier. Online schooling is a virtual school wherein students log on to face their online teachers do online academic tasks and take scheduled exams. In the Philippines, Home School Program is more expensive than those traditional private schools, unlike in the US, public home schooling is free unless the family chose the Private Home Schooling Program.

Like the traditional Education, home schooling is recognized by the Department of Education here in the Philippines (DepED) but only few are accredited.

Here are the lists of Online Schooling Program: these home schooling programs are based in the US but they accept enrollees worldwide. Below are the home schooling programs that are accredited by the Philippines' Department of Education:

1. K-12 International Academy-Established in 1999. It offers online free public school and online private schools as well with highly competitive k-12 program curriculum. K-12 also provides tools for children with special needs. K-12 free online home school is granted only within the US states. If you are from outside these states, you have to enroll under the private home school program and pay tuition fees and miscellaneous. K-12 is accredited by AdvaceED, SAC CASI and NCA CASI.

2.FreeWorldU an online school that uses flash cards which is very attractive to children.
 Free world U Offers:
Basic-Free No Cost- absolutely free with unlimited access to flash cards. The free program is not part of the accredited schools and does not offer documentation and assistance.
Basic Plus 9.95USD/mo.-
Basic-Extended- this program does not offer documentation of enrollment and attendance. It does not offer accreditation; however, the lesson mastered through the Basic Extended program is eligible to be transferred in any accredited school.
Full Accredited 90USD/mo.-this program is fully accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). Documentation of report cards, enrollment and attendance is provided. You'll have the access to meet highly trained teachers and can be awarded for mastery and completion of curriculum.

3. Time4Learning-is not a school but a learning module for students who wants to study during summer and for additional tools to be used while studying in a regular school. Although it does not offer any accreditation, time4learning provides the best and effective way of learning. It provides virtual educational playground,pre-k12 program, exams and quizzes plus a parent's own area to login to monitor the progress of her kids. On the first 2 weeks, they will let you access the lessons for free to try it. After 2 weeks, trial period will be over and you'll be offered to choose a program. The lowest package is 19.95/month.

1. TMA (The Master's Academy)- This school is fully accredited  by the Department of Education(DepED). They provide seminars for parents to be qualified as home school teacher for only. The school gives transcript of records, report cards, and diplomas after completion. Also the school organize meet ups for the students and parents through.Tuition fee is 30,000php for the entire year (books are not included)

2. CFA (Catholic Filipino Academy)- The first and the only Catholic Home School Program in the Philippines. It was established in 2005 by Mr. Bo Sanchez. It has an online CFA community wherein students can interact. The school offers curriculum for Elementary and High School and follows the K12 program which is fully accredited by the DepEd.

3.  HCA (Harvest Christian School Academy)- Founded in June 1997. Accredited by the Department of Education, Association of Christian School International (ACSI), National Association of Private School (NAPS). 

4. OHSP- is an acronym for Open High School Program. It is an alternative mode of formal secondary education program run by the Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) of the Department of Education (DepED) of the Republic of the Philippines. The program provides an opportunity for elementary school graduates, high school drop-outs and successful examinees of the Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) to complete secondary education in a purely distance learning mode. The program provides printed self-learning modules for students to use for their lessons and classroom activities.(SOURCE:http://www.bse.ph/index.php/ohsp.html)

Other Home School Programs Accredited by the Department of Education:

 SOT (School of  Tomorrow)-
LOCAL: 104 | EMAIL: orders@sotphil.net 

Direct line: (+632) 822-4309
SMART: (0939)923-8244
GLOBE: (0917)301-1144
SUN: (0932)891-5444

HAPI ( Home Association of the Philippine Islands)
Global Village School
P.O. Box 480
Ojai, CA  93024

Mobile/fax: Mobile phone users, click HERE to Call: 805-646-9792

Westfields International School 
Tel Nos.: +6345 887 4966
              :  6345 322 2862
Mobile : 0917 510 0002
              :0917 520 0001 
21-2 Friendship Hi-way, Cutcut Angeles City 2009

The Learning Place-The Learning PlaceAddress: 10966 Kanluran Rd.Faculty Hills, UP Los Banos Laguna
Telephone No.: (049) 5368316
Email : nikiar35@yahoo.com
 Home School of Asia Pacific

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