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Monday, June 23, 2014

Hoooraaaayyy! I am now a Certified Top Mommy Blogger!!!

Please click! A visit a day boosts my blog ranking at Top Mommy Blogs - The Best Mommy Blog Directory Ever!

Hello mommies! If you're a blogger mom like me, you would also aspire to become a member of this elite group for Blogger Moms, the TMB(Top Mommy Bloggers). I've been seeing the TMB badge on some of the blogs I've read mostly written by moms. My first impression for blogs that carries TMB badge is  the thought that those blogs are one of the best blogs written by a mom like me. Out of curiosity, I clicked one of the  TMB badges I spotted in one of the mommy's blogs I browsed. I was caught by the unique designs and mechanics of the site so I've found my self applying for a membership. After submitting my application, I received an acknowledgement through my registered email. It says that my site is being reviewed that I have to wait for a maximum of 14 days. I thought it would be that long, but after just a day, I received a confirmation that my blog www.craftymomideas.com has been approved, and now I'm a certified member of the Top Mommy Bloggers! See the TMB banner on the side bar? That banner code will be given to you once you're blog has been approved by them. After you placed the TMB badge, you are now ready to receive votes from your readers so that your blog will be ranked according to the number of votes.

How to Apply at TMB?

Click To Vote For Us @ Top Mommy Blogs - The Most Popular Mommy Blog DirectoryIf you're a mom who have been blogging for at least three months, then you are eligible to join to become one f the members of this elite group. Like any other blogs, your blog should be updated regularly and has unique and original content. Your blog should contain your personal stories, feelings, reviews and opinion that tells your insight as a mom. If you think you are qualified to be a member of TMB then you can apply here.

What are the Benefits of Being a Top Mommy Bloggers member?

  • The fact that you are a member of an elite group is something that could be proud of. Being a member of TMB added to your blog's confidence.
  • Assured additional traffic when you're blog is featured on the well ranked Mom's blog
  • It's an inspiration to write more articles if you see you're receiving votes from your readers.
  • You can join the TMB community where you can share your thoughts and get some knowledge that could help you improve your self as a mom blogger.

How to maintain a TMB membership?

  • Update you blog regularly
  • Avoid spamming and respect Copyright
  • Respect TMB admin and members, do not abuse, bully or harass them
  • Maintain the TopMommyBlogs.Com link in your blog's side bar
  • Do not bribe or force others to vote your blogs
  • You should have at least 1 vote or referral within 90 days to remain active in TMB

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