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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Call Centers and their Impact on the Economy

Hello Mommies! Updating from my last post Social Media, Transparency to the Public Eye? which tackled about the effect of Social media to life's privacy. At the bottom part of my article, I made a piece of advice on how to avoid abusive use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ which are the most popular among Social Networking Sites. I mentioned about finding a job similar to social online interaction which is a Call Center Job.

<img src="call center.gif" alt="call center job " />

What Is a Call Center Job?
A call center job is a type of customer service performed by customer representatives working in a remote office using telephone, computers and the internet. It is the type of job that requires good communication skills to be able to help and support customers based on company's guidelines and policies. A call center job is one of the most considered stable source of income in the Philippines. Patience, is one of the best armor that a call center agent should have, it can't be avoided but there are few arrogant and hard to please clients that still should be treated with respect. In return, the company gives promotions and incentives to outstanding call center agents.

What is The Effect of Call Center Companies on The Philippine  Economy?
Call center jobs are considered to be the most in demand job in the Philippines today. Filipinos are one of the best English speakers around the globe and, because the labor cost in the country is less expensive compared to others, we're fortunate to have more call center companies building call center businesses here. In 2008's global recession, call center companies helped raise the countries helplessly lying economy by opening more opportunities to talented Filipinos. "Call Centers will remain a major source of employment, and could provide up to 124,000 new full time jobs this year" (business.inquirer.net)

Call Center Company that Provides unlimited job offers to Filipinos

<img src="sykes 3.gif" alt="Pioneer in giving call center jobs for fililipinos" />

Sykes E-Recruitment Site- They started it all. With over 15 years in the business,  Sykes is the pioneer in the Philippines when it comes to providing customer support in the call center industry. With the help of  over 14,000 dedicated employees, they provide different types of support such as health, finance, back office and telecom in  fortune 500 companies. Sykes provides high technology online application system.  With their fully developed  Sykes E Recruitment Site an applicant can easily apply online and live video camera interview is done in their preferred time.

I believe that more and more moms today are seeking jobs over the internet. I hope this one helps as a source of information to all moms who wish to work in a call center company. Avoid spam job offers you'll find online, they're such a waste of time! Aspire to be one of the trusted, credible and stable company like Sykes. I hope one day, more moms are going to be successful showing their communication skills and become one of those people who will uplift the Philippine economy by joining the pioneer in the Call center Industry ... Sykes!

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  1. I agree! i'll share this post, tnx :)

  2. very much appreciated Ms. Aubrey!

  3. call center jobs are in demand in the Philippines, your blog information can help those who want to work as call center agent in choosing the right company... will share this blog =)

    1. Please do, upon browsing they're site, I almost fill-out an application form, too impressive! but I'm a full time blogger mom, 'can't work away from my children., LOL!

  4. My friends work as call center agents and they earn decent income. There are very few CC jobs to offer online application so I think this one is a good and systematic site

  5. I used to work in call centers, spent a decade in the industry. The thing I liked most about working for them is the non-discrimination. Anyone from all walks of life, age, or background can be as successful as everyone else.

  6. Sorry for asking this none sense question, pero may call center job kaya na pwede sa Tagalog speakers lang? obviously, ako yun hehe, okay naman ako mag sulat ng English pero ewan ko ba! nag ba buckle ako pag magsasalita na ng English hehe

    1. Ok lang Miss Lizzy,actually ako rin iniisip ko yan kc mas masarap talagang gamitin ang sariling lenggwahe natin, hayaan nyo ire-resarch ko yan.

  7. I can relate to Miss Lizzy, hehe wala nga kaya nun? dream ko din kaya mag work sa call center kaso ewan ko ba, pilipit ang dila ko sa English eh di naman ako B.O.B.O , sorry for the word admin ha, ok lng ba na naka anonymous? hehe nakakahiya kc ang post ko hahaha

    1. Ok lng Anonymous, I respect your privacy, and nakakatuwa lang kasi masyado kang humble at transparrent. Yung iba nahihiyang sabihin na hindi sila magaling mag English and I admire you for that :)


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