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Sunday, December 10, 2017

How to earn from Coins.ph

It was last month since I started using the coins.ph application to manage my bills and receive payment from my clients. At first, I likewise felt this could be another trick or scam that I should keep away from, and like you who do not believe to anyone or anything effortlessly, I also did ignore those invites from friends on social media. However, things have changed since I decided to try it, now I utilize coins.ph in managing my finances online and I'm having the best experience so far. If there's one thing that I regret about is the point at which I didn't grab the opportunity immediately since the first invitation.

With coins.ph I was able to start investing in cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. I could say say that I was so lucky cause when I converted my cash to bitcoin, the Bitcon price was just around 600 K (php convertion) and after a month, it scaled up to almost 900 K. Obviously, my investment was blown up to almost 40% which is a good start for a beginner like me.

What is Bitcoin or BTC?

Bitcoin or BTC is a cryptocurrency, an internet based currency, a virtual currency or which every you call a currency that you cannot hold physically. It's value depends on the numbers of people who invested in it. Bitcoin was invented by "Satoshi nakamoto" and it existed in January 2009. Bitcoin investment has a lot of ways particularly paying and get paid or what the most people do with it, trading and investment.

Investing with Bitcoin is risky especially when you are not really into trading. However, if you are familiar or expert into trade and exchange business and a good risk taker, you'll find crypto trading as a great way to invest your capital.

How to buy Bitcoin in the Phillipines?
Currently, coins.ph is the most used bitcoin wallets of Filipinos. Coin.ph is integrated with coinbase, the world's most popular bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallet.

How to register to Coins.ph?
If you are a sponsored user, you and your sponsor will receive 50 pesos once you coins.ph account has been verified, you can use this link to create a sponsored account and just follow the steps provided. Mobile apps can be downloaded from Google play and App store.

Where to buy Coins.ph funds?
You can buy funds thru the following:
online banking (BPI via Dragonpay,Union and Security bank)
over the counter (BPI via Dragonpay, Union bank, China bank via Dragonpay)
Remittance centers (Cebuana and M Lhuillier via coins Xpress)
7 eleven
Robinsons and SM department stores (via Dragonpay)
Bank ATM cash-in
Globe G-Cash

Earning Profit using coins.ph
Coins.ph gives you a lot ways to earn with their ongoing promos.

1. Pay Bills - you can earn 5 pesos for evey uniques bill you pay with coins.ph and extra100 pesos for every 5 unique bills you make in one week. They support over 70 billers.

You can pay bills to the following merchants and services thru coins.ph
  • Utilities (power and water)
  • Credit card
  • Broadband
  • Cable channel provider
  • Cable link (Met cable, My Destiny, Northstar cable, Filipino cable, Verdant cable, wi-tribe, Destiny cable inc.,Sky cable, Cignal TV)
  • SSS and Philhealth
  • Telecom and etc.
  • find more here 
2. Refer a friend - once verified, you'll get a referral link that you can use to refer a friend to join coins.ph, once your referral's account has verified, both of you will get 50 pesos each.It may be a small amount but still a good way to add funds to your wallet.

3. 10 % rebates - if you buy loads from coins.ph to your mobile or friends mobile number of any network (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe and TM) you'll get 10% rebates credited directly to your coins wallet. I see this as an opportunity to store owners who want to add load business.

4. Get a cash in fee back - this is for Union bank users only, If you buy funds from Union bank, you will get you 10 -40 pesod of your fee back to your wallet.

5. Bitcoin trading and Investment - Buy Bitcoin from your wallet fund, watch the price flow, learn when to buy and to sell your bitcoin and earn profit from it.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to be Me - Secrets of a Fulfilled Woman

A blogger who writes to 5 active blogs with different niches, a "mompreneur" who manages physical and online shops, a Customer Success representative to two different clients based in different countries (Australia and USA respectively), a Virtual assistant to a Real Estate owner in UK, an active church member, a mom, a wife...that's me!

People always ask me how do I manage to do all these things and they don't even see me complain. Yeah, a question and a compliment that I'm always happy to answer with the phrase..."I'm grateful for everything I have".

The Story

I was a typical woman who at an early age learned to provide for my own and to help my family to at least ease the not so good life that we had then. At seventeen I was already working in a fast food chain as I needed to raise money for my tuition fee for the coming semester, but that was the original plan...when I started receiving money, I forgot about my education and I was employed from one company to another until I finally realized that I was forgetting the main purpose why I had to work. At the age of 20, I enrolled into a Computer school to pursue my dream to become a computer expert. Working and studying are two very important things that are too hard to do at once, after a semester of sacrifices, I gave up and shifted to an Integrated school. Since it was hard to do  computer learning remotely, I switched onto a course that is next to my first love... Journalism, and that was the beginning of the story.

The beginning of the story
I was a frustrated writer, I still remember when I would persistently force my cousin to bring me to the publication that he works for so I can submit my story just to be rejected by their editor repeatedly (but thanks to my cousin who believed in my talent). Thanks to those rejections, they made me push harder in order to prove that one day, I could write and my stories could reach the world. That's how determined I was and I never regret it! When blogging started to become popular, I was urged to follow the flow and started my own blogs, now I am able to write and publish articles and make them reach thousands of readers around the world. Aside from publishing posts to my own blogs, I also publish my pieces to an Australian blog that I work for.

How I was able to penetrate to freelancing

Believe me when I say, it was not easy! It was three years of never ending failures before I finally won a job. I started in Odesk (now Upwork). Since 2011, I was sending applications, customized cover letters to employers but to no avail. in 2014, I changed my approach to employers, I started pointing them to my blogs to show them my writing skills and that was very effective! I won't ever forget the very first contract I had with Odesk,  it was a writing task and I made sure that I would give my 101 % to make that project successful and I did not fail. From the very first 5 star rating that I got, I was able to maintain my good profile status in Upwork. Now I am one of Upwork's top rated freelancers, with 100 % job success rate, 58 completed jobs, and three active long term contracts. I'm not writing these things to brag but to serve as an inspiration. I couldn't ask for more, but I can do more :)

The urge continues
The beginnings have been told and that did not end there. As I mentioned earlier, I was very aggressive that I never wanted to stop even I've finally got what I really wanted. I started to follow the flow and was able to become a "self proclaimed" entrepreneur. With the help of my husband, we were able to set up our physical store that we named "CME Merchandise" to which we deliver goods in wholesale price. We were also able to set up our online shops as well and this is what we're busy about lately.

How Do I manage to be me
Love for work, love for the family, valuing people who trust my capabilities, trust in myself and faith in our creator...these are the things that keep me going. When you'll count the things I needed to accomplish everyday, you would think that I'm living an abnormal life. No! I still have a very normal life! I have social life, I can still get along with friends, I have lots of time to bond with my kids, in fact I'm a hands-on mom who doesn't have any household help.

Time Management
Proper time management is the best key to organize schedule everyday. I can work the whole week except on weekends as I save these days for my family and church (Sundays). I put everything in my organizer to track my accomplishments and to remind me the things that still need to be done.

Family support
We work as a team. I am blessed to have a very supportive husband who builds dreams with me. We have the same sets of mind, same goals that we work together to make them come true and we have proper "division of labor". He takes care of the kids while I do my work and he manages our physical store as well and leaving all the online shop and pages tasks in my care. Aside from those, I teach my kids to do simple household chores not necessarily because I want to lessen my work load but to teach them the value of being part of the family as well. I want them to learn to do basic tasks in order for them to be independent. Time will come, they'll be needing to go on their way without me, at least they'll know how to manage to do it on their own.

Now, being me is not an easy role but believe  me, I am a fulfilled woman because I was able to do everything that I wanted to do. Above all these, I can be with my family 24/7, the thing that I love doing most more than anything else.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Foton Gratour After-Buy Experience

I've been dreaming of having my own car, and as a person who was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth, this dream took so long to come to reality. It took so long for me and my husband to decide what car should we buy because there are a lot of important things to consider like: budget, purpose, area for parking and the size of the family. So we came up to analyzing these four important things and we ended up buying a Foton Gratour.

This model provides passengers with convenient sliding doors on both sides, allowing convenient entry and exit. The folding third-row seats can maximize the space whenever needed. Foton Gratour is powered by FOTON's 1.2 L G03 gasoline engine which is very efficient as a diesel powered vehicle.

Even though, there are a lot different car models that are very tempting to buy, we opted to buy this car because it complies with the four factors that we need to consider. Foton Gratour current price as of November 2017 is 510,000 which is good enough for a seven-seater multi-purpose minivan.

Gratour has four variants: Amber Bronze, Aurora White, Metallic Silver, Starry Blue, and Space Gray. I chose Amber Bronze as it is more attractive to my eyes than any lighter colors available for this model.

Yes it is a 7-seater van but it can be customized to 8 person load. With its foldable back seats, you can load your cargo inside and it's very useful for delivering goods for sellers like me which is the same reason why we chose Foton Gratour as it is perfect for the family and for our business as well.

Basic Vehicle specification:
Engine: G03 - 1.2 L
Displacement - 1,206 cc
Transmission - 5 speed manual
Fuel type - Gasoline
Steering - Mechanical and Power steering with EPS
Seating capacity -  7-seater
Number of doors - 5 doors (2 sliding side doors)
Aircon - Front and rear airconditioning
Windows - remote control power windows
Others: FM radio + USB
see Gratour for more information

Good Reviews of Gratour Users

One of the main reasons why we chose Gratour is the good reviews. Every time I plan to buy anything, whether it is small or big amount, I would always turn to groups, forums, blogs and read numbers of reviews of the product that I plan to buy. After reading 5 or 6 reviews, I would compare them all and from there I could make my decision whether to buy or not. When it comes to reviews, I don't go for those sites who would only provide reviews based on their technical knowledge, most of them are paid posts and I don't want to rely my decision on them. For me, it's better to join private groups who actually experienced using the product or those bloggers who blog based on their experiences. So far Gratour has amazing reviews from users and I want to share  one of the posts that I read in a group of Gratour users and I quote...

"Our ride yesterday with my beloved Gratour: Aparri to Manila via Ilocos, loaded with 6 adults 2 kids & 100 kilos of cargo, almost 48 liters of unleaded gasoline"

Since our Gratour is very new and we don't have much experience to share, I would just end this post by saying "so far, so good and I'm very satisfied!" I will update this post once I have new information to add.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

United Nation Costume Ideas

The world celebrates United Nation day every 24th of October.  It began since 1945 and the The Philippines was one of the signatories of the 1942 UN Declaration, from which the U.N. Charter of 1945 was based on. As of now, there are 193 member countries of United Nations.

As one of the 51 founding members of United Nation, Philippines is actively promoting human rights, social progress, and world peace by celebrating United Nations Day. This is the reason why most schools whether public or private participate in the celebration.

Last year, my kids joined the United Nation celebration in their school and we all attended to witness the big day. I was amazed with how parents and teachers prepared for the said event as it was indeed a very successful one. From the stage preparation, costumes of the participates that represented different countries, the event was very successful and it truly an amazing way to promote the value and the spirit of the United Nation celebration. Kids were too excited to show off their beautiful costumes and I was able to capture some of them. Please bear with me covering the kid's faces to protect their privacy.
All United Nation participants wearing their beautiful costumes

Miss USA and Miss Columbia

Miss Brazil

Miss Denmark and Miss Venezuela

Miss Bolivia
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